About my blog

Once again I am going to try blogging. I miss writing and often have ideas but never take the time to get them out before I forget them. I’ve always wanted to write a novel and when I was younger, I could sit and write for hours and it seemed like the ideas never stopped flowing.

Sometime shortly after “adulthood”, I lost my motivation and along with it, my ideas. As a very private and introverted person, writing has always been my muse. I can always get my points across in writing without becoming too emotional or overreacting. When I have something truly bothering me or something I’m very passionate about when it comes to my own opinions, I have always felt more thorough and am able to complete my thoughts by getting them out in writing. I’m not sure why that is, but its the way I’ve always been.

This blog is a personal outlet–to laugh, cry, rage, smile, share and just get this jumbled chaos of thoughts I’ve held in for over twenty years out. Whether or not anyone reads, follows, or identifies with any of the content I plan to share, I truly have no idea. But hopefully it will suffice for me, my sanity, and getting rid of this writers block, that will allow me to follow my dreams and finally get around to writing that novel of mine.


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