First and foremost–this photo is not real. Well, my face is real but the hair, clothing and time period in which the original photo was taken is obviously fake. This is just one that I absolutely loved when playing around on the Reface app.

The reality is–I’m a 39 year old, married, mama to two from Atlanta, Georgia. I am a homebody who loves thrift & antique stores, DIY projects, vintage decor, interior design, horror movies, 90’s nostalgia, and music from all genres (ahem-mostly from the 90’s). I am a true-crime junkie and am fascinated with serial killer, missing people, unsolved mysteries, or any story that strays off the right and righteous path. I love things involving the paranormal, hauntings, and have a deep love for the most beautiful city in Georgia, Savannah.

I do not believe in, nor participate in any way, shape or form of organized religion. In fact, I believe most of the evil in the world is actually a result from organized religion.

I’m positive I will have many “unpopular opinions” I will write about on this site, and hopefully, some of you out there will identify with me. My hope is to use this blog to express my love for those “less” popular topics and share some of my own personal insight on those subjects most often understood.

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Hope you enjoy reading along!

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